Volume 15 Issue 2 - 2009

Family – Work Balance

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118-121 Guest Editorial: Balancing family work and paid work: Gender-based equality in the new democratic family
David A de Vaus
122-138 Work-life balance: The experiences of Australian working mothers
Ibolya Losoncz, Natalie Bortolotto
139-152 Who’s bathing the baby? The division of domestic labour in Sweden
Jan E Thomas PhD, Ingegerd Hildingsson PhD
153-166 Mothers’ timing of return to work by leave use and pre-birth job characteristics
Jennifer Baxter
167-176 The deal: Wives, entrepreneurial business and family life
Dina D Bowman PhD
177-187 Transnational family–work balance: Experiences of Australian migrants caring for ageing parents and young children across distance and borders
Raelene Wilding PhD, Loretta Baldassar

Book Reviews

188-189 Raising Children: A guide to parenting from birth to five
Raising Children; www.raisingchildren.net.au; DVD; Running time 300 minutes
Reviewed by Jane Svensson
190-191 Family, Gender and Kinship in Australia: The Social and Cultural Logic of Practice and Subjectivity
Allon Uhlmann
Reviewed by Jo Grimwade
191-192 Achieving Work-Life Balance
Thomas Kalliath and Paula Brough (Eds)
Reviewed by Barry M Rogers

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